3 Best Trading platform Canada for Beginners

Are you looking Best Trading platform Canada for Beginners to cut down on the costs to investment? It is essential to pick the best trading platform available in Canada. Trading platforms are the most cost-effective option for investing in Canada and beat out traditional banks and automated advisors.

best trading platform canada for beginners

There have been many wonderful recent changes in this Canadian trading platform market, and they’ve all been good. Competition is heating up, which means more features and lower costs for Canadians.

So, let us find out the best ones!

Key Factors In Selecting Best Trading platform Canada for Beginners

Check out the factors below:

  • Fees: The low cost of fees is one of the primary elements to consider when selecting a trading platform. Too high a fee could add up to quite a bit over time, particularly if you are a frequent trader.
  • Research Tools: Know about the different types of research tools the platform offers. This is especially essential for those who are frequent or seasoned traders.
  • Customer Service: Customer support you receive from the company is crucial since you may encounter issues while making use of the software.

Best Trading Platform Canada for Beginners

Here are the top three trading platforms in Canada:

1. BYDFi

BYDFi is considered to be the most reliable trading platform available for Canadian crypto enthusiasts who are looking for an efficient and user-friendly platform. Its uncompromising respect for international regulations makes it a safe and compliant trading environment that is in line with the Canadian market’s requirements and standards.

With its headquarters located in Singapore, BYDFi is recognized due to its dedication to providing a seamless and safe trading experience. It operates adhering to local laws and is regulated by American Money Services Businesses, Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority and Estonia’s MTR.

Its strict compliance with local and international standards instils trust within Canadian traders. The vast array of supported cryptocurrencies, along with advanced trade options, make it suitable for investors of all types, no matter how familiar with or new to the world of crypto. The user-friendly interface and competitive fees make it the most preferred option for Canadians.

Key Features:

  • Provides a wide range of reliable, efficient and innovative trading solutions.
  • Focus on the social trade approach, which sets it aside from traditional investment platforms.
  • The user-friendly interface and simple design make it suitable for both experienced and novice traders.
  • Users can seamlessly integrate with popular trading tools as well as indicators
  • Uses cutting-edge security protocols and encryption to protect the privacy of users’ data and money.


  • Huge trading variety
  • Copy trading is its feature
  • Globally, regulation-compliant
  • Fair trading fees
  • Available in the US
  • Tools for beginners


  • There are no NFT services available.
  • There is no stake ability.

2. Questrade

Questrade offers a robo-advisor referred to as Quest Wealth Portfolios. Moreover, it offers self-directed investment through Questrade. You can choose which bonds or stocks to purchase and also the amount of each asset type you would like to include in your portfolio. It’s a self-directed investment account.

Contrarily, Questwealth Portfolios offers a range of ETFs to invest in passively according to your individual goals for investing and your risk tolerance.

You need a Canadian address to open an account. Questrade does not allow traditional trade accounts or non-registered accounts that are open to U.S. residents, even when the account holders reside in Canada.

Key Features:

  • Questrade provides amazing options for you as a Canadian trading enthusiast.
  • The platform remains steer clear of the charges and restrictions that banks impose on investors.
  • Questrade offers more flexibility for Canadian investors, with the ability to build portfolios using an automated system and considerably lower costs.


  • There are no fees for account savings that are tax-free (TFSA) and registered retirement plans (RRSP)
  • Questrade is quite easy to use
  • No stock or purchase of mutual funds
  • Service for customers is poor.
  • The trading platform is still working out some kinks to be addressed.
  • Low trading fees relative to other Canadian brokers


  • Limited research services
  • Streaming real-time quotes requires a subscription
  • 24-Hour Paperless Account Opening

3. Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple is a good choice for novice to average-experienced people who are looking to invest in a self-directed or automated manner using sophisticated technology platforms. It focuses on offering investors online access to trade their securities without having to visit a physical branch. Wealthsimple has existed for just a few years in this field; however, it has grown to be one of the best online investment platforms available to investors in Canada.

The platform makes complicated investing procedures simple and provides an affordable and cost-effective financial solution for its clients. Wealthsimple was the first broker in Canada that offered commission-free ETFs and stocks.

Because of the small number of financial instruments and platforms, Wealthsimple may not be the ideal choice for active traders. Also, it may not be the ideal choice for traders who are active and experienced and wish to have access to a powerful mobile app with an array of extensive features. It’s more of a finance technology firm than an ordinary broker.

Key Features:

  • Lets investors of all sorts invest in stocks with high prices and cryptos.
  • While there are fees associated with certain kinds of Wealthsimple accounts, the act of purchasing and selling crypto and securities in CAD is absolutely free.
  • Users don’t have to go through tons of complicated or hidden information to trade. They can pick the indicators they would like to observe for a particular stock and then use those to help make their choices.


  • No commissions or fees.
  • It is easy to create an account
  • 50 cash bonus upon your first deposit


  • There are no real-time quotes unless you purchase a premium service
  • Deposits of more than $1500 could take up 3 to 4 days to be processed
  • ETFs and stocks are the only options.
  • There is no international market
  • Nonexistent customer service


With the variety of investing and trading requirements, each reader needs to do their homework and think about their own goals and risks before beginning their journey with cryptocurrency.

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