‘I hate being an Insurance agent’-Why I quit being an Insurance Agent?

Why do I hate being an insurance agent? What is the truth about being an insurance agent? If you are the one who is thinking of being an insurance agent, then go through this article, and you will learn all the facts and why I quit being an insurance agent.

Why I quit being an Insurance Agent?

why i quit being an insurance agent

I have put my 10 years into this industry, and I know all the difficulties of being an insurance agent. After going through all these miserable circumstances, I have decided to quit as an insurance agent.

My name is Albert, and I started this job 10 years ago. I loved being an insurance agent back then but, with each passing time, I realized that I have been stuck in a never-ending cycle. I can pay my bills and survive well but do not have time to improve my inner creativity, lifestyle, etc.

If you also want to know why I have taken this step to quit my job as an insurance agent, look at the below article and read till the end to know.

I hate being an Insurance agent- Why?

Is it hard to be an insurance agent?

If you think an insurance agent enjoys a lot in this industry, you are wrong here. It is because this industry is extremely challenging as you must be ready to keep up with all the constant changes, and selling challenges.

i hate being an insurance agent

You must be aware of everything about the products. If you fail to learn one or more new product information, you might provide the wrong information to your clients. So, it is a must for you to stay updated with all the new products and coverage options so that you can provide precise and accurate details to your clients.

Other than being updated, you must keep yourself ready for the clients to demonstrate the products. With this hectic work schedule, it becomes complicated for me to manage life and work altogether. So, I thought a lot and quit this job.

What do Insurance agents fail?

There are so many reasons for failing in the insurance industry. Firstly, the insurance agents are not trained according to the product requirements. I also belonged to this industry earlier, and I know better that insurance is an extremely complex product. You must indulge yourself in it completely to grab all the information.

However, there was always something that I did not know about the product and it can make me unconfident in front of the clients. It was like I was a loser who knew nothing about the product. This way, it becomes difficult to sell the product effectively. It made me disappointed and de-motivated.

Is it stressful to be an Insurance agent?

Yes, of course. The truth about being an insurance agent- Being an insurance agent is very stressful and complicated. Do you know why I hate being an insurance agent? It is because it contains specific deadlines I must follow to complete the targets on time.

These deadlines add constant pressure to my mind, and I feel stressed and anxious all the time. To some extent, it is a rewarding job if you complete your targets within the provided deadlines.

However, if you are a person who likes to be in a relaxed environment without being disturbed by stressful deadlines, you must leave this industry and join your preferred job.

Why did I quit being an insurance agent?

I quit my job as an insurance agent because I thought this job was not right for me. I need a peaceful and effortless job. Here are some reasons for quitting my job as an insurance agent:

I felt pressured all the time.

While I was an insurance agent, I was in stress all the time because I needed to perform multiple exhausting tasks every day like follow-up calls, and cold calls, and attract clients to buy insurance policies. There were certain deadlines that I had to achieve to complete my task. It kept me under pressure all the time, and I was like why I am here and what the compulsion to be here is. So, I decided to quit that job to have a peaceful life.

I did not like selling

It is another reason, why I hate being an insurance agent is that I did not like my work, i.e., “selling.” Selling means putting all your efforts into selling a specific product to those clients who are not even interested. During my conversation with them, I felt like I was pushing my product to them. It was the most embarrassing part of my job when my potential clients rejected or ignored me. That is why I did not like selling and left that job.

There is no future for an insurance agent.

The primary reason for quitting my job is I felt there was no future in this profession. The income was not stable and predictable, depending on the sale of the products and market conditions. It made me so doubtful to keep up with this job. So, I quit.

I hate being an insurance agent, why?

  1. During my work tenure as an insurance agent, I have faced many complicated challenges such as meeting deadlines, selling products to uninterested clients, feeling pressured all the time and so many other things that exhausted me completely.
  2. All these things brought my morale down every single day.
  3. I could not enjoy my life this way because I was under pressure to complete the task. That is why, I have decided to quit my job and lead a happy life by searching the other alternatives.

The truth about being an insurance agent

the truth about being an insurance agent

In this context, I want to share one thing with you. Being an insurance agent is a tedious and complex job. The main reason behind this thinking is it contains three jobs which you have to do.

The first job was to find potential clients to sell the products.

The second job was to explain the overall product to those clients, and the third job was to maintain those clients by following up, etc.

There was no chance to miss any opportunity to make the clients. In this practice, you had to forget about yourself, your well-being, and everything to achieve all your targets.

The only thing you had to remember was that you are an insurance agent and you have to sell the product at every cost even within certain deadlines. That is all about the insurance agent that you must know.

What to do after quitting a job as an insurance agent

After quitting a job as an insurance agent, you must look for other alternatives. Let us discuss some of the things after quitting below:

  •         Look for a freelance content writer, editor, graphics designer, etc.
  •         Become a volunteer in a nonprofit company in your area
  •         Travel around your location and explore
  •         Join the suitable company that suits your eligibility criteria
  •         Sell your own products in the market.


I have made an excellent decision by quitting my job as an insurance agent because it made me so stressed, exhausted, and disappointed. After quitting the job, I searched for various alternatives, and finally, I found a way to enjoy my ahead life. I found a freelancing writing job that is enough to start a fresh career. Now, I can work and earn while enjoying life to the fullest. I want to share my happy feelings with you that this job requires only a fair connection to the internet and a corner of the home. You can also get one of these freelancing jobs and enjoy your life as you want.

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