How to Reach Progressive commercial insurance phone number?

progressive commercial insurance phone number

Are you looking for Progressive commercial insurance phone number? Progressive is a market leader in commercial auto insurance and a division of Progressive. Their goal is to be the top choice for business owners and agencies looking for business insurance and they take great pride in Their exceptional customer service.

Since they first started offering commercial insurance in 1971, they have established a strong reputation for helping small business owners. With an A+ rating from A.M. Best, they are the top commercial vehicle insurance in the nation. They also provide several types of commercial insurance, such as business owners’ policies (BOP), general and professional liability, and workers’ compensation.

Progressive Commercial Insurance Phone Number

Certain dangers and uncertainties come with operating a business. Because of this, having solid insurance coverage is essential for defending your business from potential liabilities and unanticipated circumstances. Businesses can rely on Progressive when it comes to commercial insurance because it is a reputable brand. And you want to contact Progressive Commercial Insurance. Then you’ll want to know their phone number so you can get in touch with their expert staff and learn more about the insurance solutions that are available for your particular business needs.

Dial the digits

Getting in Touch with Progressive Commercial Insurance.

You can pick up the phone and call Progressive Commercial Insurance directly if you’re keen to do so. You can rely on their helpful and knowledgeable professionals to help you identify the best insurance options for your company.

The phone number for Progressive Commercial Insurance was 1-888-240-9839 as of my knowledge, though it’s always a good idea to check for the most recent contact information on Progressive’s official website or any dependable directory.

Connecting with Progressive’s Expert Team

You can speak with a group of experts who are knowledgeable about commercial insurance by dialling the Progressive Commercial Insurance phone number. Throughout your insurance experience, these skilled individuals are committed to offering outstanding customer care and guidance. Progressive’s professionals are ready to provide a hand whether you have inquiries about coverage options, seek assistance with a claim, or need assistance managing your policy.

Connect Progressive commercial insurance phone number

Whether you run a little business or a major corporation, protecting your company is essential. To assist in protecting your business from potential dangers, Progressive Commercial Insurance offers extensive coverage options and sector knowledge. You can reach their team of experts who are prepared to help you with your needs for commercial insurance by calling their phone number.

Keep in mind that the telephone number on this page was correct as of the knowledge expiration date of September 2021. Verifying the most recent contact information via Progressive’s official website or reliable directories is always advised in order to maintain correctness. Don’t be reluctant to get in touch with Progressive Commercial Insurance and start protecting your company right away!

Convenient operating times

They are aware that not all businesses adhere to set business hours. Progressive Commercial insurance support is available to you night and day, seven days a week. Anytime during these times, call them or reach Progressive claims mailing address.

Direct Operating Times

Open every day, from Monday through Friday. Open 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET on Saturday and Sunday.

Through their online service, you can manage your insurance whenever you want.

Professional client service

Their worldwide network of call centres, which includes three in Austin, Cleveland, and Colorado Springs, serves business clients. Car sales representatives have received specialised training so they can assist you in managing your insurance and offer guidance on Progressive goods and services.

Consumer Assistance

Seven days a week, their knowledgeable business customer care professionals are on hand to assist you with any concerns or requests for policy changes. Their customer service representatives help you with anything you require, from adding new vehicles and drivers to an existing commercial auto policy to paying your monthly, regardless of what you need or how you got your policy.

Simply give them a call at 1-800-444-4487 for instant support.

Benefits of Contacting Progressive Commercial Insurance

You can profit greatly from the reputable insurance services provided by Progressive Commercial Insurance. Here’s what to anticipate:

Personalised Solutions

Progressive is aware of the individuality of every company. In order to assess your needs and offer insurance solutions that are appropriate for your industry, size, and risk profile, their staff will work together with you.

A Wide Range of Coverage Options

General liability, commercial auto, workers’ compensation, property, professional liability, and other insurance options are among the many that Progressive provides for businesses. You may protect your company from a variety of threats with their extensive coverage options.

Competent Prices

Progressive is renowned for offering reasonable prices. Without sacrificing the calibre of the coverage, they work to provide insurance options that are value-driven. Cost-effective choices that are suited to your needs and budget are to be expected.

Handling Dedicated Claims

Progressive’s claims staff is committed to offering timely and effective support in the unfortunate event of a claim. They will walk you through the steps and see to it that your claim is processed thoroughly and effectively.

Tools powered by technology

In order to improve the insurance experience, Progressive utilises technology. Businesses may handle their insurance concerns more effectively because of their easy online tools and resources, which include online quotations, policy administration, and digital paperwork.


In conclusion, anybody seeking insurance coverage or assistance will benefit importantly from having access to the Progressive Commercial Insurance phone number. By calling their dedicated helpline, customers may get in touch with qualified personnel who can answer their questions and support them with a variety of insurance-related worries.

Remembrance that you can take the following movements to safely protect your company, vehicles, and property with dependable insurance coverage if you have the Progressive Commercial Insurance phone number with you.

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