3 Best option trading advisory service in India

best option trading advisory service in india

Options trading can be a lucrative way to invest in the stock market, but also risky. Many investors turn to options trading advisory services to help them make informed decisions. In India, many options trading advisory services are available, but not all are created equal. In this article, we’ll look at India’s three best option trading advisory service in India.

Best option trading advisory service in India: The stock advisory is one of the crucial elements of the stock broking landscape. This is because the power of information helps in investment-related decision-making. The primary goal of choosing the best stock advisory services from the best stock advisor in India is to get recommendations on the purchase or sale of a stock based on research and speculation.

Best option trading advisory service in India

S. No. Stock Advisory Company Pricing  
1 CapitalVia Global Research Limited 800/- per month  
2 Research and Ranking 659/- per month  
3 Bajaj Capital limited 299/-per month  

CapitalVia Global Research Limited

It is undoubtedly the best stock advisory company in India. Established in 2006, CapitalVia Global Research Limited is headquartered in Mumbai and is a top player in the stock advisory landscape. The best SEBI registered investment advisor has served over 75000 clients with a proven success record.

CapitalVia, India’s leading stock advisor, has carved a niche by offering a comprehensive, affordable, reliable stock investment service, print and study. The best stock advisory firm is driven by a mission to deliver unparalleled value to its customers by ensuring their success. This is achieved by adhering to the highest standards of business conduct for a trustworthy, effective, and accountable delivery of financial research services to clients and helping them create wealth out of their savings.

Salient Features of CapitalVia Global Research Limited

  • Provide unique mobile applications to provide a better customer experience
  • Team of academics with NISM certification providing stock advising services
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  • A group of dedicated and experienced stock investment advisors
  • More than 15 years of business heritage
  • Dedicated client support
  • Market Pro, Market Neuron, TechniQ, and QuantIQ are the top financial products by the stock advisor

Research and Ranking

Started its operations in 2016, Research and Ranking is considered among the best financial advisors in India. The top consulting firm has over 12,000 clients in India. It is a part of the prestigious Equentis Group, one of the pioneers in the investment domain, focusing majorly on the Indian equity market since 2009.

Research and Ranking is India’s first online non-discretionary equity advisory company, offering personalized market research reports. The SEBI governs them and is well supported by a team of dedicated professionals with considerable expertise in financial markets, technology, and equity research.

Manish Goel is the founder and CEO of Search and Rank, India’s top consulting firm.

The stock advisory team comprises more than 150 professionals from various sections of India. The team has delivered 25-30%.

Salient Features:

  • Over 12000 clients served
  • Headquartered in Mumbai
  • A venture of Equities Capital
  • Dhanwaan for HNIs, UNHNI, and family offices
  • Investor reports educate people about the stock market
  • 5 in 5 strategies to build a well-diversified portfolio of multi-bagger stocks that will assist investors in achieving their investment objectives
  • Mispriced opportunities to invest in 12 high-growth stocks every month

3. Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital is a renowned and reliable name in the Indian financial sector and offers various financial products and services to retail and commercial clients. Its primary offerings include general insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, mutual fund apps, stock investments, stock advisory, etc.

Counted among India’s best stock advisory service companies, Bajaj Capital is known for its client-centric approach, which helps its clients witness tremendous growth in their investments. In addition, the insightful stock-related information imparted by the firm enables them to make rational stock investment decisions in the long term.

Bajaj Capital was set up in 1964, the longest tenure. The company was the first to develop the Companies Fixed Deposit in 1965.

Salient Features:

  • Six decades of legacy
  • A wide range of products & services
  • 45 years of experience as an investment advisor and financial planner
  • Unbiased, research-based and goal-based advice
  • Customized wealth management support
  • Quick, courteous service
  • 24 x 7 online accessibility
  • Countrywide network of over 200 branches
  • A strong team of qualified and experienced professionals, including CAs, MBAs, MBEs, CFPs, CSs, Insurance Experts, Legal Experts, and others
  • SEBI-Approved Advisor


In conclusion, option trading can be a profitable investment strategy, but it can also be risky. That’s why an option trading advisory service is essential to help you make informed decisions. The three options trading advisory services mentioned above are some of the best in India. They have a team of experienced analysts who provide accurate and reliable trading tips based on technical analysis and market trends.

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