Houses for sale in Toronto under $350 000

Toronto’s actual estate market is understood for its dynamism, diversity, and, often, its high charges. However, for people with a more modest price range, there are still opportunities to find a domestic in this vibrant city.

Houses for sale in Toronto under 350 000

Houses for sale in Toronto under $350 000

In this newsletter, we’ll discover several houses for sale in Toronto under $350 000, demonstrating that affordable homeownership is attained for those willing to discover the market.

1. E-39-7 Brimley Road South

E-39-7 Brimley Road South offers a notable opportunity for less expensive homeownership in Toronto. Priced below $350,000, this belonging is an attractive option for first-time buyers or everyone looking for price range-pleasant housing. Located in a convenient neighbourhood, it presents smooth access to crucial amenities, colleges, parks, and public transportation.

This house is an ideal entry point into Toronto’s competitive real property market, imparting a threat to set up roots in a welcoming community. Despite its affordability, it doesn’t compromise on the benefits and nice of existence that Toronto has to provide.

With a properly related vicinity and a sense of network, E-39-7 Brimley Road South represents an enticing choice for the ones looking to obtain homeownership without exceeding their finances in this dynamic metropolis.

2. 912 – 4645 Jane St

Houses for sale in Toronto under $350 000:

912 – 4645 Jane St provides a brilliant possibility for price range-conscious homebuyers in Toronto. Priced below $350,000, this apartment unit gives a low-cost entry factor into the town’s real property market.

Situated in a handy area, citizens can enjoy the smooth right of entry to public transportation, making commuting a breeze. The benefits of rental residing consist of low preservation and admission to on-website facilities like health facilities and communal areas, uploading to the enchantment of these belongings.

With affordability and comfort in thoughts, 912 – 4645 Jane St. offers an attractive opportunity to own property in considered one of Canada’s most dynamic towns, Toronto.

This unit’s efficient design maximizes dwelling area, ensuring that every rectangular foot is applied successfully. Whether you’re a primary-time buyer or seeking to downsize, this condominium presents a snug and budget-pleasant dwelling solution.

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3. 618 – 4673 Jane Street

618 – 4673 Jane Street is a rental unit priced below $350,000, making it an appealing and price range-pleasant housing option in Toronto. This property offers the advantages of a low-protection condo dwelling, making it ideal for people or couples looking for a compact and convenient way of life.

The unit’s layout emphasizes performance, making sure that each rectangular foot is maximized for capability and comfort. Located in a properly-linked location, citizens have easy entry to to shopping, eating, and public transportation, simplifying each day’s existence.

Condo residing often includes additional perks together with safety maintenance offerings and admission to facilities like health facilities and communal spaces. With affordability and ease of living, 618 – 4673 Jane Street is a clever preference for the ones seeking to enter the Toronto actual estate market without the monetary burden of a traditional house.

4. 1112 – 100 Lotherton Pathway

Houses for sale in Toronto under 350 000:

Situated within the Yorkdale-Glen Park community, 1112 – hundred Lotherton Pathway is an apartment unit that provides an opportunity for low-cost homeownership. Priced under $350,000, it’s an appealing desire for finances-conscious shoppers.

The region offers a wealth of amenities, with Yorkdale Shopping Centre nearby, providing considerable buying and dining options. For those who recognize outdoor activities, the community boasts parks and recreational centres.

This condo unit represents a low-cost dwelling option in an ideal location, combining convenience, affordability, and access to network facilities. With its proximity to public transit, it ensures easy connectivity to different elements of Toronto, making it a practical choice for city living.

5. E-31 – 7 Brimley Road

E-31 – 7 Brimley Road is located within the scenic Scarborough Bluffs community, offering an attractive blend of suburban tranquillity within Toronto’s town limits.

Priced under $350,000, this property is a tremendous access point right into a sought-after place. The Scarborough Bluffs offer a beautiful backdrop, growing a peaceful and picturesque setting for citizens. Despite their affordability, these belongings allow shoppers to experience a tight-knit community environment whilst last close to the town’s amenities and attractions.

With a handy get-right of entry to schools, parks, and important services, E-31 – 7 Brimley Road is a compelling option for those looking for low-cost homeownership in a welcoming and scenic environment.


These properties show that homeownership in Toronto is only partially reserved for those with large budgets. With homes on the market below $350,000, you may locate low-priced options that suit your wishes and possibilities.

Whether you’re interested in a conventional residence or a greater compact apartment unit, these listings provide numerous picks for the ones searching to call Toronto domestic without breaking the bank. Affordable homeownership in this colourful town is practicable, supplying you explore the market, paint with informed actual property professionals, and make nicely-informed choices.

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