Cheapest Car Insurance for young drivers UK (3 BEST)

Anyone who drives across the UK must have a carry car insurance for the vehicle. This even includes the new drivers. If anyone drives without legal insurance, they can be penalized or disqualified from driving.

If you’re a new driver who successfully cleared the driving test just now, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle has valid insurance. It is important to mention here that insurance for new drivers can be costly due to the lack of driving experience.

Cheapest Car Insurance for young drivers UK

cheapest car insurance for young drivers uk

When we talk about car insurance, everyone wants the best coverage for the most affordable cost. The problem is that it’s difficult to tell which insurance companies are most affordable on the market.

This is because, although one insurer may offer a lower cost to a driver, it might offer a higher rate to another. To simplify things for you, we have mentioned the top three cheapest car insurance for new drivers in the UK.

1. Aviva

With over 18 million members, Aviva is the largest general insurance company across the UK and is among the five largest car insurers. The car insurance brands it offers are Aviva, Quote Me Happy and General Accident, all of which are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited.

Aviva’s standard policies include the courtesy car insurance that provides the policyholder with a vehicle to use during the time their vehicle is being repaired as part of the course of a claim. Also, it includes personal accident coverage, which protects the policyholder and their passengers if they are injured during an accident. Also, there’s protection for keys that are stolen or lost.

2. Admiral Car Insurance (

Admiral offers a variety of policies, including classic car, black box, and learner drivers policies. Admiral’s comprehensive insurance policy provides a high level of coverage that includes benefits like the courtesy car as well as windscreen repair.

Admiral provides 3 levels of car insurance and six different kinds of policies. Admiral is well-known for its multi-car insurance policies, and our insurance specialists chose Admiral as the top choice in this area, according to their research. Admiral’s multi-car insurance policy permits customers only to have one renewal date, which aligns every time a brand-new car is added to the policy.

3. Elephant

Elephant was founded in 2000. The company is the trading mark for EUI Limited, which is a subsidiary of Admiral Group and is authorized and monitored through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Admiral Group is also the parent company of Bell Direct, Gladiator and Diamond Motor Insurance Services, among others.

Elephant provides car insurance on three levels, including third-party fire and theft and full coverage.

All fully comprehensive insurance policies provide a variety of benefits that include coverage for repairs to the windscreen, personal injuries cars, automobile stereos, sports equipment, driving within Europe, as well as the courtesy car.

Customers may change their policies at no extra cost, which includes insurance protection for legal reasons, breakdown coverage, rental car insurance, and key protection.

Tips to Find Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers UK

  1. Add a parent as an identified driver: New drivers can cut down on the cost of car insurance by including the adult (for instance, either one or both parents) as a named driver in their insurance policy. But, it’s crucial to reveal who drives the vehicle the most often. The act of lying to obtain lower rates is referred to as fronting and is considered to be a crime.
  2. Do not make modifications. Insurance companies do not like modifications like spoilers or tinted windows. Adding these modifications to your car could increase the cost of insurance.
  3. Implement security procedures: The presence of an immobilizer or tracker on your car could lower your insurance costs since it is less likely to be stolen and has an increased likelihood of recovering in the event. Dash cams are useful to document what occurred in the incident in the event of an incident.

Why is Young driver car insurance in UK so costly?

  • Insurance firms are in the business of taking risks. The more likely they believe that you will become involved in an incident or to have lost your car, the higher the chance you’ll have to make an insurance claim, which will cost them money. Thus, they offer higher rates to riskier customers.
  • Insurance companies make their risk assessments based on the basis of statistics that tell them how likely an individual of your age, profession or address is to file a claim. These companies know that younger drivers have a higher chance of being involved in accidents than more experienced, older drivers.
  • Young drivers’ insurance premiums typically begin to decrease at the age of 25. At this point, they’ll possess a few years of driving experience, especially those who have been driving since they were 17.

Why Do New Drivers Must Have Necessary Car Insurance?

Car insurance is mandatory for a variety of reasons.

  • It shields you from financial liability.
  • It shields passengers in the vehicle.
  • It is required by lenders to safeguard they are investing in the price of the automobile.

The insurance coverage may also pay legal costs when the other property owner or driver takes your case to court. The minimum amount established by your state will be the amount your insurance policy will pay toward a covered claim. In the majority of cases, you’ll want to boost your coverage, or else you may be required to cover additional costs from your own pocket.

The requirements for liability states also provide the possibility of collision and comprehensive coverage. In the event that you are financing a car, the lienholder could require you to carry comprehensive and collision insurance during the time you make payments to protect the investment.

How much does new driver insurance cost?

Several factors determine the cost of car insurance in the UK. Take a look below:

The car you drive

Every vehicle within the UK is categorized into one of the 50 categories to be used for insurance purposes. Big, speedy muscle cars will definitely cost more money to insure than smaller, reliable ones. Additionally, the person to whom the car is part of has an impact. It is more costly for a brand new driver to purchase insurance on his own vehicle rather than be added to the existing insurance policy of a car of a family member.


Where you reside can influence the amount you have to pay for your vehicle insurance. Cities and towns that are larger are more likely to be more prone to crime, which can result in more expensive insurance rates. In a noisy environment, you can increase the chance of getting at fault in an incident. This may result in higher rates.


The most commonly used age for passing the practical driving test in the UK is 17. Many new drivers who hit the roads will be searching to purchase their very first policy of insurance between 17 and 24. Sadly, the 17-year-olds are also among the highest-priced group of drivers to insure, with a cost of nearly PS1000 over the standard national cost of PS979 for the most comprehensive coverage for the experienced driver.


Thanks to GPS technology, Telematics policies can be an ideal option for new drivers to demonstrate their driving abilities in real-time, thereby cutting down costs for insurance.


The most affordable cars to insure young drivers tend to be smaller, less expensive, but less powerful than other vehicles. With the best affordable car insurance for new drivers mentioned above, choose your ideal partner!

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