Cheapest Car Insurance for G2 drivers in Ontario (Top 3)

If you’ve successfully passed the G2 test, then first of all, congrats! You’ve successfully completed Ontario’s second stage of licensing and are now in the right place to drive. However, before you go, you must ensure that you’ve got a good automobile insurance plan. The G2 certificate is the next stage of the process in which applicants must pass the road test.

A G2 license is a trial license that is given to a brand new driver following the issuance of a G1 license for 12 months or 8 months following the successful completion of an instructor’s course for drivers, as well as passing the G2 driver’s test.

This level of license differs in comparison to the G1 in a variety of ways. First, it offers far more freedom than G1. Additionally, unlike the G1 license, G2 licenses, a G2 license requires that drivers be insured.

Cheapest Car Insurance for G2 drivers in Ontario

Check out below:

cheapest car insurance for g2 drivers in ontario

1. Desjardins (

Desjardins insurance is a favourite choice for those who drive in Canada, with a wide range of options for coverage at affordable costs. The company is renowned for its outstanding customer service and handling of claims. With 24/7 customer service available via the internet, by phone, or via the mobile application. In general, Desjardins car insurance is an excellent choice for Canadian customers looking for affordable and complete coverage.

2. TD Insurance (

TD Insurance is part of the TD Bank Group, one of Canada’s biggest financial services companies. The organization believes that you deserve to be recognized for your safe driving. So, if you’re an existing or new TD Insurance customer, you’ll receive higher savings on insurance for your vehicle as long as you remain claim-free. TD Insurance’s Auto Centres serve as a one-stop shop for your insurance claim. The company also provides discounted rates for driving safely, bundling many insurance policies, and using winter tires.

3. Intact

Intact Car Insurance is an appealing option for those seeking to bundle their insurance for their vehicle with home insurance. The company provides exciting options when it comes to insurance, which makes it a great choice for those who want to insure their vehicles for those who use their vehicle to make money through the ride-sharing service.

How to find Cheapest Car Insurance for G2 drivers in Ontario?

Here are a few tips you can use to cut down on automobile insurance coverage as a G2-level driver:

  1. Compare and Shop: Some websites provide estimates from more than fifty of Canada’s most reputable insurance companies. A few pieces of information, and you’ll be able to get G2 license quotes in minutes.
  2. Affix to a policy already in place: A second or third driver under an existing family member’s policy can save you a significant amount of dollars. You won’t be considered to be the primary driver.
  3. Buy the insurance you need: By avoiding any optional coverage that you may not need, you could lower the cost of G2 insurance.
  4. Increase your deductibles:  Insurance companies set rates determined by the risk. If you can reduce the risk of their business through a commitment to pay more (should it become necessary), you are eligible to receive a discount on that decrease in risk.
  5. Keep an impeccable driver’s record – The better your credit score, the better the chance your insurance company will offer discounts.
  6. Learn a course: Certain providers give discounts to drivers who have completed defensive driving classes. This improves their understanding and confidence, which reduces the risks for the provider.
  7. Graduate license discount: Drivers who move through the graduated licensing system can get a discount of 5% to 15% on all coverages (till you are not yet 25). This reduction will be valid for one year. Additionally, you’ll get a 10% rate reduction on all insurances once you are fully licensed (Class G license) in the event that you do not have any chargeable convictions or at-fault incidents at the time of level two.
  8. MTO certificate insurance discount: In Ontario, when you’ve completed an initial driver education course certified through the Ministry of Transportation, you can collect the driver’s license history at any Service Ontario centre. This could qualify you to get a discount on your insurance for vehicles.

Factors that determine the cost of Car Insurance For A G2 Driver

Car insurance costs for G2 drivers in Canada are subject to a wide range of variations based on several variables, such as:

  • Age: Young drivers, particularly drivers under 25, are more likely to pay higher rates for insurance.
  • Driving record: A history of accidents or traffic violations claims will raise premiums for insurance.
  • Car type: The year and the model of the car you drive will affect how much insurance you pay.
  • Location: The rates for insurance can differ according to region cities, typically being more expensive because of the greater density of traffic and the frequency of accidents.
  • Insurance company: Different insurance companies employ different methods to calculate premiums for insurance. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate quotes from a variety of providers.


Driving can be an enjoyable experience for drivers who aren’t experienced; however, it’s crucial to ensure you’re completely insured prior to getting onto the roads. With the top three cheapest car insurance for g2 drivers in Ontario mentioned above, you can find your ideal partner.

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